S 50

S 50

Global Syn-Turf

S Blade 50 is a marvelous, multi-purpose, durable artificial grass, made of UV resistant yarn, polyethylene fibers and polypropylene backing with perforation holes for quick drainage. It is the flagship product of Global-Syn Turf, and one of our proudest inventions. providing unbeatable quality and value.

Type: Artificial Turf

  • Pile Height 1 1/2"
  • Turf Gauge 3/8"
  • Face Weight 50 oz.yd2
  • Backing Weight 27 oz.yd2
  • Total Weight 77 oz.yd2
  • Stitch Rate 13/10 cm
  • Stitches/m2 13,650
  • Blades S-Shape Blade
  • Series Performance Series Engineered Blades

Finishes/Colors Available:

Emerald Green Olive Green

*Please check with your local dealer for availability

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