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NPT has spent the past several decades building one of the finest reputations in the pool industry. NPT offers all five types of pool finishes recognized by the National Plasterers Council (NPC) including quartz, pebble, glass bead, and polished finishes. Each of NPT’s exclusive pool finish brands is a formulated surface system that comes with full technical, marketing, and warranty support.

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StoneScapes French Gray Mini

Start-Up Procedure

After applying a new pool finish, following the correct start-up procedure is essential to protecting the pool and prolonging the life of the finish. See our guide for the correct step-by-step process.

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QuartzScapes Tahoe Blue

Water Color Guide

Many factors determine your pool’s water color. From pool design, time of day, the surrounding environment and the region you live in, the spirit of your pool draws from many sources.

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How to Choose the Right Pool Finish

Choosing the right pool finish means considering the color and texture you want your pool to have, how a pool finish appears underwater, and the environment around your pool. In this article, we review these factors as well as our premium finish lines, from rustic pebble, to silky smooth quartz, and striking glass beads.

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