StoneScapes: Aqua White Large

The CDC says COVID-19 cannot survive in properly treated pool water
Puerto Rico Blend Large
Product: Aqua White Large
Aqua White 2 Puerto Rico Blend Large
Water Color: Medium Blue

What sets Puerto Rico Blend apart from other StoneScapes finishes is a proprietary blend of iridescent glass beads which give the finish its unforgettable sparkle and shine. 2 bags of dazzling beads enhance the vibrant blue of StoneScapes Puerto Rico Blend Large Aqua White 2 pool finish, creating a stunning and opulent surface.

Water Depth
Ledge 1st Step Shallow End Deep End
Aqua White 2 Puerto Rico Blend Large Water Depth
Warranty Coverage

Standard Warranty:

10 Years

Approved Applicator Warranty:

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