Touch of Glass

Add pizzazz to your pebble pool finish with a Touch of Glass! These unique StoneScapes® finishes are accented with sparkling glass beads. From a subtle sprinkling, to an equal measure of pebble and glass beads, our exclusive StoneScapes® Touch of Glass recipes can give your pool the precise look and feel you desire.

*Aqua Cool 1 has 1 bag, Aqua Cool 2 has 2 bags, and Aqual Cool 3 has 3 bags.

Aqua Cool 1* Touch of Glass StoneScapes Pool Finishes
Aqua Cool 1* Touch of Glass

Aqua Cool 1*

Aqua Cool 2* StoneScapes Touch of Glass
Aqua Cool 2* StoneScapes

Aqua Cool 2*

Aqua Cool 3* StoneScapes Touch of Glass
Aqua Cool 3* StoneScapes

Aqua Cool 3*

Salt & Pepper Touch Of Glass StoneScapes
Salt & Pepper StoneScapes

Salt & Pepper

Aqua White StoneScapes Touch of Glass
Aqua White StoneScapes

Aqua White

Aqua Blue StoneScapes Touch of Glass
Aqua Blue StoneScapes

Aqua Blue

French Gray StoneScapes Touch of Glass
French Gray StoneScapes

French Gray

Tahoe Blue Touch of Glass StoneScapes
Tahoe Blue Touch of Glass

Tahoe Blue

Tropics Touch of Glass Blue StoneScapes
Tropics Blue StoneScapes

Tropics Blue

Midnight Blue StoneScapes Touch of Glass
Midnight Blue StoneScapes

Midnight Blue

Black Touch of Glass StoneScapes
Black StoneScapes


PRODUCT INTENDED FOR USE IN ACCORDANCE WITH STANDARDS ESTABLISHED BY THE NATIONAL PLASTERERS COUNCIL. FINISH MUST BE APPLIED CONSISTENT WITH APPLICABLE BATCH FORMULA CARDS. NOT TO BE USED ABOVE THE WATER LINE. PROPER WATER CHEMISTRY BALANCE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES. OTHER LIMITATIONS MAY APPLY. SEE LIMITED WARRANTY FOR DETAILS & ADDITIONAL PRODUCT APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS. Due to a variety of influences, your actual pool finish & water color may differ from the images shown in this brochure. Images & color samples are featured for inspiration & to show a range of design ideas for your NPT pool finish. Always check a sample of the actual product prior to purchase or installation. Some finishes may include seashells which cannot be guaranteed against degradation or loss of color.

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