Warranty Information

Pool Finish Warranty Coverage Overview:

Pool Finish Brand Standard Warranty Approved Applicator Warranty
ColorScapes® 10 Year Limited N/A
JewelScapes® 5 Year Limited 10 Year Limited
PlasterScapes® N/A N/A
PolishedScapes® 10 Year Limited Lifetime Limited
QuartzScapes® 10 Year Limited Lifetime Limited
StoneScapes® 10 Year Limited Lifetime Limited

What IS Covered under Warranty

  • Product Defects
    • Pigment out of specification
    • Peblle out of specification
    • Loss of color in colored quartz
    • Angular glass bead aggregates
    • Sample from NPT out of specification
    • Improperly labeled products

What is NOT Covered under Warranty?

  • Custom Colors
  • Poor Workmanship
  • Failure to Follow Batch Formulas
  • Hydration
  • Craze Cracking
  • Cement Clinkers
  • Issues Due to Poor Water Chemistry
  • Improper Start-Up
  • Scale
  • Sales Center Mistake (i.e. selling the wrong pigment)

Top Causes for Warranty Claims and Customer Dissatisfaction:

NOTE: The reasons detailed below are reasons that claims are filed. They are not covered under Warranty and most are 100% preventable.

  • Surface Discoloration and Carbonation
  • Improper Water Balance > Scale Formation
  • Too Much Water in the Mix
  • Underexposure of Aggregate at Time of Installation > Pool Doesn't Match Sample
  • Poor Acid Wash Techniques > Streaky, Uneven, Dramatically Darkened Color
  • Improper Start-Up per the NPC Start-Up Guidelines
  • Sales Center Mistake
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