Tile Care

Proper care and maintenance is crucial to the long-term appearance and performance of any tile installation. The following information outlines recommended products and techniques for the cleaning and sealing of most pool and exterior tile and is general in nature.

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How to Clean Tile and Remove Calcium

Many in-ground pools feature beautiful, multi-colored ceramic or glass tiles that look great if kept clean and well-maintained. But if the tiles aren’t maintained, they can become stained or covered in buildup. Fortunately, you can take some quick, easy steps to clean the tile and bring it back to its original luster.

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How to Clean a Pool Finish

Sparkling pools are inviting and people love to spend time in them, but when the finish isn’t pristine, it can put a damper on things. That’s one reason why keeping your pool finish clean should be a regular part of your pool maintenance routine.

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