Putt 44

Putt 44

Global Syn-Turf

Pro Putt-44 was specifically designed with one thing in mind: ball speed. Measuring speed with a Stimpmeter, without infill, ball speed is averaged at about 8-9. With infill, ball speed can go up to 14. The more infill, the faster the speed. And with a pile height of 1/2" and face weight 44 oz.yd2, Pro Putt-44 is ideal for putting greens all across America. Its color looks natural and realistic and it's beautiful green tone blends very well with a wide variety of artificial grass combinations for fringes, lawns, and landscapes for practice greens at golf courses, hotels, and resorts, or backyards. Pro Putt-44 looks just like real grass and can enhance any environment.

Type: Artificial Turf

  • Pile Height 1/2"
  • Turf Gauge 3/16"
  • Face Weight 44 oz.yd2
  • Backing Weight 13 oz.yd2
  • Total Weight 57 oz.yd2
  • Stitch Rate 34/10 cm
  • Stitches/m2 21,420

Finishes/Colors Available:

Medium Bi-color Green

*Please check with your local dealer for availability

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