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What would a pool be without hardscapes? This state-of-the-art Optimum pool turned out great, but it was in desperate need of decking! Check out this segment of Lifetime® Network’s Designing Spaces™ to see how these Texas homeowners PAVE their way to Paradise!

They selected 2” thick, large format concrete pavers to add a natural, “old world” look. This type of “segmental decking” is perfect for yards with multiple levels and uneven terrain and can easily be set to create any deck design.

Once the ground was prepped, the deck was installed quickly. The pavers were finished off with special polymeric sand to hold the pavers in place and keep weeds from growing in between.

Home Owners with Pool Builder


Talking to the homeowners about the decking concept

Pool Design Review


Reviewing the design

Adding Base Material Around Backyard Pool


Excavated the ground to the proper depth. Added base material and used a plate compactor to compact the base material

Leveling Around Pool


Added a course aggregate sand and screeded it level

Concrete Pavers Around Inground Pool


Next step to add the concrete pavers.

Concrete Pavers Installation Around Inground Pool


Installing the concrete pavers.

Concrete Pavers Installation Around Pool


Installing the concrete pavers and sizing the pavers.

Belgard Lafitt Grana Slab Crab Orchard Pavers


Pavers sized to the pool. (Belgard Lafitt Grana Slab Crab Orchard Pavers featured)

Outdoor Pool Pavers


Add the concrete to the outside edge to lock it in and clean the pavers.

Adding Polymeric Sand to Deck


Add the polymeric sand to the deck.

Polymeric Sand, Installing Pool Deck


Hose the deck down to activate the polymeric sand.

Happy New Pool Owner Couple


Happy Homeowners with a new pool and outdoor living area!

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