Unfinished Outdoor Grills

One of the hottest trends in home renovation is custom outdoor living spaces with full, matching Outdoor Kitchens that fit seamlessly into the designs.

Bull is proud to introduce an effective time-saving solution.

NPT® Unfnished Outdoor Kitchens feature Bull BBQ stainless steel grill heads and components built into quality outdoor island kitchens finished to your specifications with beautiful NPT tiles and veneers or the granite of your choice.

NPT Unfinished Outdoor Kitchens offer an effective, time-saving solution for creating a beautiful, customizable outdoor kitchen with easy installation and minimal labor. Featuring the most popular equipment and designs, NPT Unfinished Outdoor Kitchens feature size options to fit any backyard plan. These prefabricated unfinished base structures can be fitted for either a tile or slab countertop.

Create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams to be finished on site at your home with NPT finishes that match your total backyard design.

The Sycamore Outdoor Kitchen

The Sycamore Outdoor Kitchen is a wonderful addition to any smaller backyard or patio. You'll have everything you need right in front of you, including a Bull Angus Premium stainless-steel grill and an industry leading outdoor rated premium fridge.

The Maple Outdoor Kitchen

The Maple Outdoor Kitchen with its extended counter top is our most popular size. This design provides a backyard entertainment center as well as the space to handle all of your outdoor grilling and entertaining needs.

The Elm Outdoor Kitchen

The Elm Outdoor Kitchen features a large bar seating area, perfect for entertaining large groups. This large footprint Outdoor Kitchen has everything you need to keep the party going all night long. Step up to a luxurious grilling experience with a customized Elm Outdoor Kitchen.

The Magnolia Fire Pit

Enjoy the warmth and elegance of the Magnolia Fire Pit year round. The entire family can enjoy this large fire pit that delivers 15,000 to 60,000 BTUs of warmth (choose between propane or natural gas), and pre-fab construction allows for easy installation anywhere.

Tile & Base Selections

Customize your Outdoor Kitchen with any combination of NPT® finishes.

Here are a few combinations that create a classy and elegant look.

Visit your local NPT® Design Center or nptpool.com for additional options.

Elements Porcelain Tile | Alpine Natural Stone

Elements Porcelain Tile | Carrara Porcelain Veneer

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