7 Things to Know About Swimming Pool Remodeling and Maintenance

Oh, the joys of owning a swimming pool! You enjoy countless hours of ease, entertainment, and exercise. But when you’ve loved your pool so much that it’s time for some maintenance or remodeling, the choices can be overwhelming.

Why not look at pool maintenance as your chance to revitalize your outdoor oasis? Whether you’re looking to improve your swimming pool’s functionality, boost technology to lower your utility bills, or enhance your pool deck’s visual appeal, this is a huge opportunity! Let’s discuss seven things to consider when remodeling your outdoor oasis to help you make the best decisions for your pool.

Did You Know?

If you’re looking for inspiration on your swimming pool remodel, there’s an app for that! Download the NPTBackyard app to find many ideas to help you improve the look of your pool.

1. Reinforce Your Safety Features

gated pool with landscaping and fountain

Create a light blue water color with StoneScapes Salt and Pepper finish as seen above

As always, safety first! When it comes to backyard safety, there are elements that pool owners simply can’t forego. Ladders, railings, and fences are non-negotiable for the safety of swimmers and non-swimmers alike. Pool safety covers also provide a safe, secure barrier and are an excellent way to protect your investment. View more in the NPT Outdoor Elements Catalog.

2. Modernize Your Technology

Man cleaning skimmer on pool with cover

Your outdated pool pump could be costing you money. If you haven’t upgraded, your pump is likely a single-speed version that consumes a ton of electricity. Cut your energy usage significantly by installing an energy-efficient variable-speed pump to operate circulation, cleaning, and water features using the minimum amount of energy needed for each task.

Likewise, modernizing your pool heating system will let you warm your pool more efficiently and even cool it in the heat of summer. Ultra-efficient natural gas heaters offer high thermal efficiency ratings for faster heating and low NOx output levels for a healthier environment. Depending on your location and pool usage, you might even consider an electric heat pump for greater energy savings.

By swapping to state-of-the-art pump and heating systems, your pool will meet newer energy standards and cut utility use to save you money.


Contact your local utility company to ask if they offer rebates for replacing old pumps with new high-efficiency models. Some jurisdictions use rebate programs to encourage energy efficiency.

3. Automate Your Pool Functions for Greater Ease of Care

modern pool with integrated spa and fire features

This modern swimming pool features NPT’s QuartzScapes Midnight Blue finish and Equinox Midnight Blue tile

A pool remodel can lower the amount of swimming pool maintenance you have to do. This could include converting to a saltwater system, upgrading or changing certain equipment, or updating your automatic cleaner.

Get control of your pool operation with state-of-the-art pool automation. You can add a tabletop remote, a handheld device, or a system that works via PC, tablet, and smartphone. You can take many of your pool features digital to add push-button ease for managing functions like lighting, heating, filtration, pumps, water features, and much more.

4. Give Your Pool Surface a Facelift

pool with handrail located on river

This brightly colored swimming pool is using NPT’s StoneScapes Lake Tekapo finish and Silver Travertine Decking.

Not only do styles change, but pool surfaces need to be replaced every 5 to 20 years, depending on the finish used and how well the water chemistry has been maintained. That’s why one of the most significant maintenance tasks can be resurfacing your pool.

Resurfacing the pool doesn’t have to affect the shape and shell of the pool, you can replace only the finish layer. But if you’ve ever wanted to change the shape or depth of your pool, now’s the time to do it! And while you’re at it, why not upgrade your waterline tile to the subtle earth tones of a stone look, add some shine with glossy tiles, or bring your elegance up a notch with glass tiles.

Consider upgrading to a popular decorative interior finish like NPT® StoneScapes®, QuartzScapes®, PolishedScapes® or even add a touch of glass to add shimmer and shine with JewelScapes® or a StoneScapes® Puerto Rico Blend! The procedure to resurface a pool varies significantly depending on the finish you select, the size of your pool, and much more. Visit an NPT Design Center Showroom to check out your options.

5. Add Liquid Drama

swimming pool with retaining wall and scuppered waterfalls

Want to add a hint of drama? Create an exciting focal point by adding a water feature. Spouting sculptures, streams, fountains, waterfalls, and deck-based laminar jets that flow into the pool’s surface are examples of elements that can be added to your existing design. Add natural stones and tropical plants outside your pool to enhance those water elements and turn your ordinary pool into an awe-inspiring backyard haven.

6. Shine a Light on Your Remodel

swimming pool at dusk with lighting and spa

This eye-catching swimming pool features StoneScapes Midnight Blue finish with Mini Koyn tile.

Another way to enhance the ambience of your backyard oasis is by adding lighting. While it’s extremely important for safety, light is a huge consideration when you’re entertaining. For a nighttime swim, lighting boosts visibility in and out of the pool and between your pool and your home. Pool lighting is usually a smaller investment than other remodels but adds value to your outdoor space if you decide to sell your home one day.

7. Bring the Indoors Out

outdoor kitchen and grill with porcelain veneer finish

Enhance your outdoor kitchen space with our NPT Carrara Porcelain Veneers in the color Nero Black!

If you love your creature comforts but feel the call of the outdoors, you can have the best of both worlds by remodeling your outdoor space to incorporate the elements of your house that you use the most. Want to watch the big game outside while you also enjoy Taco Tuesday? Build a dream outdoor kitchen and entertainment center. You can also install a swim-up bar in your pool to take your pool parties to a whole new level.

While you want an awesome playground, remember that, ultimately, this is YOUR space. Consider what you and your family will appreciate the most to enhance your backyard living.


Plan ahead to schedule your pool and patio redo at a time that makes the most sense. The fall is an ideal time for a pool and patio makeover. With school starting back up and temperatures dropping, you won’t be using your backyard as much. What’s more, the busy pool-building season slows down, so you’ll have an easier time scheduling even the most in-demand pool contractor to take on your remodeling project.

Get Advice on the Best Solution

Ready to dive into a pool and patio refresh? Remember, a pool remodel doesn’t have to be drastic to be effective. Small adjustments – whether aesthetic or functional – can make a significant impact.

To maximize the benefits of any pool remodel, seek out advice from your local pool professionals. They are the experts in your area – they’ll be able to guide you through local trends, costs, and regulations that will impact your decisions. Plus, they’ll likely have additional suggestions that are appropriate for your pool’s unique needs. Click here to find a local expert.

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