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Puerto Rico Blend Small
Product: Sand Small
Sand Puerto Rico Blend Small
Water Color: Light Green

StoneScapes Puerto Rico Blend Small Sand creates light green to green water color depending on the depth of the pool and the pool surrounds and is comprised of modified white Portland cement which has been colored with sand pigment, black and gold natural quartz pebble aggregates and a specialty blend of small glass bead aggregates.

  • The Puerto Rico Glass Bead Blend enhances the water color in every pool finish by bringing other dimensions of color and reflectivity that only colored glass bead can do.
  • The beauty of this finish comes from the shade and color variations inherent in natural materials.
Water Depth
Ledge 1st Step Shallow End Deep End
Sand Puerto Rico Blend Small Water Depth
Warranty Coverage

Standard Warranty:

10 Years

Approved Applicator Warranty:

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